Anti-Heteroxylan [LM10] Antibody

This rat IgG2c monoclonal antibody was generated against neoglycoprotein and recognizes land plants heteroxylan.


- Reacts with land plants heteroxylan

- No cross-reactivity with wheat arabinoxylan

- Suitable for Immunofluorescence and ELISA applications

Generated using a neoglycoprotein (xylopentaose-BSA). It can recognise unsubstituted and relatively low-substituted xylans in several species. It has no cross-reactivity with wheat arabinoxylan. Xylan is a group of hemicelluloses that reside in plant cells walls and also can be found in some algae (both green and red). Xylans are polysaccharides whose backbone consists of beta-1,4-linked xylosyl residues. This backbone can be substituted with side-chains of arabinosyl, glucuronosyl, and 4-O-mthylglucuronosyl residues, and can also be further modified by acetyl substitution on the hydroxyls of the xylosyl residues.

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Anti-Heteroxylan [LM10] Antibody
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产品类型/Product Type:Antibody
克隆号/Clone Name:LM10
反应性/Reactivity: Land plants 
免疫原/Immunogen: Neoglycoprotein (xylopentaose-BSA) 
免疫物种/Species Immunized: Rat 
表位/Epitope: Beta-1,4-xylan
缓冲液/Buffer:Cell Culture Supernatant, 0.05% Sodium Azide
已测试应用/Tested ApplicationsIF (1:10), ELISA (1:10)
存储温度/Storage: +4C (short term), -20C (long term)
运输温度/Shipped:Ambient temperature     


From the laboratory of Paul Knox, PhD, University of Leeds.


1. McCartney L, Marcus SE, Knox JP. Monoclonal antibodies to plant cell wall xylans and arabinoxylans. J Histochem Cytochem. 2005 Apr;53(4):543-6.

2. Ruprecht C, Bartetzko MP, Senf D, Dallabernardina P, Boos I, Andersen MCF, Kotake T, Knox JP, Hahn MG, Clausen MH, Pfrengle F (2017) A synthetic glycan microarray enables epitope mapping of plant cell wall glycan-directed antibodies.  Plant Physiology