Anti-Red/Green (L/M) Opsin [21069] Antibody

This IgG rabbit polyclonal was generated against the first N-terminal 38 amino acids of the bovine red/green (L/M) opsin.

Opsins are a group of light sensitive g protein-coupled receptors found in the photoreceptors cells of the retina. There are two classic types of photoreceptor cells in the retina, known as rods and cones. Rods are more numerous in the eye and are more sensitive to light and dark changes, where are cones are more sensititive to change in colors (green, red or blue).  There is also a third class of photoreceptor cells (discovered later), called photosensitive ganglion cells.  They do not contribute to sight but play a role in circadian rhythms and pupillary reflex.

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Anti-Red/Green (L/M) Opsin [21069] Antibody
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Product Type:Antibody
Antigen:Red/Green (L/M) Opsin
Accession ID:P04000, AF280398
Clone Name:21069
Reactivity:Bovine, gerbil, human and mouse
Immunogen:KLH-conjugated to the first N-terminal 38 aminio acids of the bovine red/green opsin
Species Immunized:Rabbit
Buffer:Crude serum
Tested Applications:WB, IHC (frozen, paraffin not tested), Cytochemistry (1:500), IF (1:500-1000), ELISA (Titer 15200), TEM
Shipped:Dry ice


From the laboratory of Paulo A. Ferreira, PhD, Duke University

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