UV Cleavable Biotin-Azide

The UV Cleavable Biotin-Azide allows the tagging of alkyne modified substrates via copper-catalyzed click chemistry.


* Biotin conjugate can be subsequently visualized by streptavidin Western techniques and/or enriched using streptavidin purification methods

* Captured target can be released under mild photolysis conditions (365 nm) and results in a significant decrease of background signal due to non-specifically bound proteins

* Also available: 13C6-UV-Biotin-azide

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UV Cleavable Biotin-Azide
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产品类型/Product Type:Small Molecule
产品名称/Name:UV Cleavable Biotin-Azide 
分子量/Molecular Weight:781.92  
溶解性/Solubility: DMSO, MeOH 
光解/ Photolysis:λ=365nm
来源/Source: Synthetic
存储温度/Storage: Upon receipt store at -20C 
运输温度/Shipped:Ambient temperature     



产品说明书:auto_1317.jpgUV Cleavable Biotin-Azide 


From the laboratory of Ned A. Porter, PhD and Keri A. Tallman, PhD, Vanderbilt University. 


1. Alkylation Damage by Lipid Electrophiles Targets Functional Protein Systems. Codreanu, S. G.; Ullery, J. C.; Zhu, J.; Tallman, K. A.; Beavers, W. N.; Porter, N. A.; Marnett, L. J.; Zhang, B.; Liebler, D. C. Mol. Cell. Proteomics 2014, 13, 849.

2. An Azido-Biotin Reagent for Use in the Isolation of Protein Adducts of Lipid-Derived Electrophiles by Streptavidin Catch and Photo-Release.  Kim, H.-Y. H.; Tallman, K. A.; Liebler, D. C.; Porter, N. A. Mol. Cell. Proteomics 2009, 8, 2080.

3. Yang J, Gupta V, Tallman KA, Porter NA, Carroll KS, Liebler DC. Global, in situ, site-specific analysis of protein S-sulfenylation. Nat Protoc. 2015 Jul;10(7):1022-37. 

4. Fu L, Liu K, Ferreira RB, Carroll KS, Yang J. Proteome-Wide Analysis of Cysteine S-Sulfenylation Using a Benzothiazine-Based Probe. Curr Protoc Protein Sci. 2019 Feb;95(1):e76.